Assadi can only claim to be one thing: Lucky.

That does not make him an investing genius or give him the credentials to play the wise and caring financial thought-leader to the millennial generation. It makes him one thing: Lucky. Alexis Assadi claims to be a knowledgeable investor with experience and incite to help others invest and win just as he has done in the past.

Quickly, let’s take a look at a short biography from a lifelong investment leader who has decades of investing history that we can mine to understand what it means to be a true leader in an industry. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Warren Buffett and the most truncated version of his investing biography.

Is Alexis Assadi comprable to Warren Buffet?

Warren Buffett Biography

Of the dozens of online portraits that I perused across the internet written to pay homage to the life and career of Warren Buffett, the biography above that was pulled from and was the most concise I could find. I know... the length of the bio doesn’t matter. I only add this to show you that Warren Buffett has been investing in one way or another for so many decades that there is no short way to respectfully acknowledge the uncountable ways that he has influenced the investing landscape.

Warren Buffett began working as CEO for his investment firm, Berkshire Hathaway, in 1970 and has remained at the helm for almost 50 years. Generations of investors have been quoted time and time again saying they modeled their investment strategies directly in the shadow of Warren Buffett. They watch and emulate his moves; they quote him at every turn because Warren Buffett is an expert investor with half a century of decisions under his belt.

If there is a voice that we should be tuning our ears to for investing advice, I would chance to guess it would be the gentleman with billions and billions and billions of dollar, a proven decades-long track record of success utilizing groundbreaking investment tactics, and whose strategies are replicated thousands of times over by his colleagues and competitors.

Alexis Assadi very well may be the next great investor to come along. I cannot predict the future and do not purport to do so; I only remind you that Warren Buffett believed that slow and steady patience made the real money. Alexis Assadi believes in the ‘get rich quick and get out’ model, the very opposite of strategies from Buffett.

Assadi claims to be 'rich' because his passive income exceeds his monthly bills... so what?

When Assadi’s passive income from one or two smart investments exceeded the amount that he paid in monthly bills, he cited this as a crowning achievement (personally, yes, but not professionally) and announced himself a ‘rich’ man. Quite the grand milestone, Alexis. You can pay your bills, and you are suddenly the investment guru and the millennial go-to guy when it comes to ALL THINGS INVESTING. I think not. Warren Buffett is running full-on investing marathons at this point in his career while Alexis Assadi has a tremendous natural running stride, but is only in his first week of practice, running 2-3 kilometers at pace before losing all his energy.

I think I will keep my ears tuned to the advice of the experienced marathon runner and quiet the novice spouting his philosophies on running when he has only taken a few steps along the way.

While Assadi is more engaged in trashing alternative investment opportunities that he knows nothing about and passing down his narrow professional ‘wisdom’ to those that wish to follow along, Buffett spent his early years focused on his investments, what worked, what made money, and what would succeed. In fifty years, I may want to hear everything that Assadi has to say on the investing arena. Maybe! If he focuses on garnering wealth, he will have had the time to make so many investment decisions that he, too, will be a foremost expert in the industry.

As for now, Alexis Assadi needs to continue working on perfecting investment strategy and spend a little less time trashing his competitors in fields of hard asset investing that he genuinely has entirely no knowledge of and cannot speak to in any way. In the business world, and all other professions for that matter, only those acutely focused on the minute detail of their work can have a chance at success. In the investing world, you cannot succeed by merely paying attention to the details and working hard. You must also come with a particular ingredient you cannot buy or learn: Luck. Even Harvard and Cambridge lack the tools to teach that.

Forget Warren Buffett - This Millennial Could Be The Next Great Investor
--James Watkins

Of course, future success is never a guarantee in investing. Direct investing is an opaque industry where a less efficient market can lead to the promise of greater returns, but it also makes the game a lot harder to perfect, while obscuring who’s winning and who’s losing, says Lerner.

No one person has the get-rich formula. No one person has the bullet points to wealth or the steps to financial freedom. Why? We are all snowflakes. We are individual and the actions we take (to claim our riches), will be colored by that which is innately us and what worked for Assadi will not work for me or you. His steps to wealth are his steps and to think that he has the experience and credentials to be considered a 'trusted expert' at this point in his career is nothing less than egomania.

Alexis Assadi is a very young, very confident, fortunate individual blessed from birth and raised by educated parents. Assadi moved to several different continents in his youth which gave him a front row seat to view and understand the world’ s cultural distinctions. These lessons, no doubt, play to his professional advantage. Most children never dream of receiving an education so varied and complex.

Alexis Assadi can claim to know the steps that every individual must take to get rich by 26, but, with his lack of experience, he is merely regurgitating his few life stories on to the page, not accounting for the enormous breaks he received that only luck could provide. Everyone ought to be rich at 26, but not under the illusion that by following the path of Alexis Assadi that the magical math problem of life will suddenly equal ‘rich.’

Assadi advises that: joining multi-level marketing pyramid schemes and buying over the counter small-cap stocks are good investment

Google the word: multi-level marketing. What did you find? Beyond a John Oliver parody on the subject that made me belly-laugh, words BEWARE, PYRAMID SCHEME, MASS HOAX, and FEED THE FANTASY seem to pop off the page. Alexis Assadi serves up a Thanksgiving meal full of multi-level marketing positivity as if Mary Kay and Amway were paying for ad space on his website. Assadi, who remains tremendously quick to throw certain hard-asset investments, proven to produce favorable returns, under the bus, but is happy to allocate massive amounts of space on his website to the network marketing world, a world knowingly saturated with pyramid schemes or companies that are merely a hoax. Now, Assadi does give weight to the negative aspects of network marketing, but only secondary to his emphasis on its merits.

As for the promotion of buying over-the-counter small-cap stocks, I will refer to the Investopedia article written to assist savvy investors in identifying micro-cap scams in real time to make my point for me.

We Should All Perceive Alexis Assadi As...

Alexis Assadi is quoted as wanting “to be perceived as a true expert” in aspects of the investing world that interest him most like debt securities and local real estate. I don’t wish to pull the words apart and speak semantically, but why would the quote above need the word ‘perceived.’ If I were Alexis Assadi, I would want to be a true expert and not simply just perceived as one. It seems Alexis Assadi has no intentions of using the next forty-five years to focus on the art form of investing and, as each year goes by, inch one step closer to being an investing marathon runner or a ‘true expert’ as he would refer to it. He seems to want to rely on an unusually short career in only specific areas of the investing world to be the springboard by which he becomes a guru on ALL THINGS INVESTING. It just doesn’t work that way.

Lastly, why should we listen to Alexis Assadi when he throws out claims about areas of the alternative investing landscape to which he has never given any time or attention?

"I'm one of those people who excels at what they love, but performs abysmally when they're unengaged." --Alexis Assadi

Let’s hope that Alexis Assadi does not see a break in his future luck or those that have followed every investor tip and believed every bully article from his blog, might begin to perceive their ‘true expert’ as less of an expert and more of an ignorant.

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